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Do you need mole removal services for your lawn? Moles tearing up your lawns? Maybe your lawn is full of grubs, a moles favorite food. We are your local mole control and removal exterminators in Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, Midlothian and Charlottesville Virginia. Getting rid of moles and the problems they cause is our specialty.

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Mole Trapping Removal demands a great deal of work if moles have invaded your lawns and gardens. These small lawn diggers feasts on a diet of grubs, millipedes, ants and more. However, if moles are tearing up your Virginia property they want your earthworms which are their primary food source. And of course it’s impossible to get rid of earthworms on your property especially given their value to the health of your soil. So don’t listen to any company that says controlling white grub and lawn insects will protect you from this lawn devils.

The old home remedies have little value for getting rid of lawn moles. People have tried gasoline, moth balls, bleach, ultrasonic devices and so much more. Forget it! You need Animal Removal Services Of Virginia’s Mole Trapping Removal Experts. Call us at (804) 729-9097 and we’ll stop these lawn devils.

By nature moles live in the woods. But if you luscious lawns are near woodlands which have moles beware! Those moles will find their way onto your property, guaranteed! quickly colonize and spread through adjacent residential properties if not handled properly. Also, once on your property they can reproduce quickly while they zig-zag through one your entire lawn. Furthermore, moles demand a developed tunnel network to survive. So, the longer they’re allowed to tunnel on your Virginia lawn, the more attached they become to your property. AT this point, these devil moles become more difficult to control. At this point you want our experts at Animal Removal Services Of Virginia and their mole trapping removal services. So call us at (804) 729-9097.

Call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia for our expert Virginia Mole Trapping Removal services.

See mounds like this on your lawn? Well, you more than likely have Virginia Lawn Moles tearing up your beautiful lawn or garden.

Mole Trapping Removal is the only effective method of Virginia lawn mole control. And this procedure demands time and you have to be willing to outlast these critters until they are controlled by trapping.

It is possible that mole activity in your lawns and gardens  lawns can be on and off throughout the season. Also, climate and ground moisture determine mole movement on your property migrating.  Furthermore, changes in food supply on different areas of your property  will determine this lawn mole movement. Moles might leave your lawn or garden if disturbed but can return at any moment. But, Animal Removal Services Of Virginia suggest you give us a call at  (804) 729-9097  the moment you spot Virginia lawn moles in your yard.

Seen moles popping their heads out of your lawn? Call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia's mole trapping removal service now.

Hey, whose this popping its head out of that hole on your lawn? Ohh, ohh, you need to get ahead of this Virginia Lawn Mole or you’ll regret it. Also, one mole hole leads to another!

Now we must be honest! Trapping the moles that are tearing up your lawn, garden or landscaping may not be the permanent solution for your mole problem. Why? Because recolonization does recur. Therefore you may have to call us back for more trapping.

We know there are no chemical solutions for your Virginia Lawn Mole problems. Lawn mole trapping is the most reliable method of control. Also, our traps are environmentally friendly, mole specific and they absolutely work! Call us NOW at (804) 729-9097

So let’s sup up. Damage caused by moles creates the most frustrating issues around your lawn or garden. If you notices a number of  3- to 5-inch rounded, raised dirt mounds coming out of the surface of your lawn or garden, you definitely have moles tunneling below the surface. In the end, no matter what you may have heard only trapping moles work. We suggest you call us today at (804) 729-9097. Let us help you with our Virginia nuisance mole trapping removal skills.

This was a big job for Animal Removal Services Of Virginia mole trapping removal professionals.

Yes, these folks had a serious mole problem on their lawn. Furthermore, they waited too long before taking action. Welcome to a long term mole trapping scenario. Get ahead of the curve and don’t wait until you have the same Virginia lawn mole problem.


Moles cause little damage to the environment. Also, they naturally aerate soils and eat larvae of destructive insects. But, they are a problem in lawns and gardens, ruining your green grass and garden.


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Virginia Mole Facts And More – Brought To You By Your Friends At Animal Removal Services of Virginia

Moles Around The World

Moles are small mammals that are found all over the world except Antarctica and South America. They are considered lawn and garden pests, mainly because of their intricate tunnel systems. Also, they spend most of the time underground, but are not blind as many people think.

Size Of Moles

These plump little critters have a hairless, pointed snout, little eyes and their ears are not visible. On average, moles grow to 4.3 to 6.2 inches long from the tip of their nose to their rear end. If you add their tail increase their length by 1 to 1.5 inches. Moles usually weigh 2.4 to 4.6 ounces based on researchers statistics.

Moles in the US tend to be larger than most. The North American mole species gets as large as 7 inches long,  1.3 inches tall and weighs around 4 ounces. See the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management for more info.

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At times you find moles above ground. They are often eaten by predators when above ground. Juveniles surface when they abandon their mother’s area.

Habitat And Diet

Moles live in grasslands, urban areas, gardens, grasslands, sand dunes, mixed woodland or any area that has soil where they can dig tunnels. They do not thrive in acidic soil and mountainous areas. Also, moles dig areas at the ends of tunnels where they sleep and give birth. 

Moles have eating areas as well. Furthermore, mole don’t dig through gardens so they can eat plants. Moles generally eat earthworms and then store them in their eating area. Hundreds of worms have been seen in mole eating areas. Moles will eat  their body weight in earthworms per day.


A female mole can birth four hairless babies at a time. After two weeks the pups start growing hair. In addition, the pups are  are weaned around 5 weeks. Also, in a little over a month they leave the nest. Furthermore, in six weeks the pups leave their mother and home and are on their own. Also, moles live around three years.

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It is illegal to trap moles and then relocate them in the state of Virginia. Unless you want a mole pet we must be humanely euthanized them once trapped. 

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