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Bat Exclusion Removal demands experience and expertise. We have both! Don’t go batty – Call Us For Any Bat Issues!

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia – The Bat Exclusion Removal Experts

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia provides long-term solutions for bats entering your home and buildings. Whenever bats create a nuisance problem, they also present health hazards. In addition, long term bat habitation results in the need for guano cleanup, insulation removal and sanitation procedures.

Specifically, we perform bat exclusions, individual bat removal, and bat guano clean-up services in Richmond, Henrico, Midlothian and Charlottesville Virginia, and beyond. Furthermore, we follow all guidelines established by Bat Conservation International for Bat Exclusion Professionals. Animal Removal Services of Virginia personnel view bats as the beneficial animals. Also, we make every effort to exclude bats from buildings in a safe and effective manner. Animal Removal Services of Virginia personnel are also knowledgeable and experienced with bat guano clean-up techniques and procedures.

At Animal Removal Services of Virginia we are constantly striving to advance our education so that we may serve you better.

The Bat Exclusion Removal Product – Exclusion Tubes

Our Bat Exclusion Removal Experts use a bat proofing technique called “exclusion.”  Exclusion remains the best and only good way for humanely removing bats from a structure.  Exclusion effectively solves your home and building bat problems. If bats reside in your home or buildings our Bat Exclusion Removal Experts find the bats access point(s). We determine access points by viewing the structure in the evenings when the bats leave to feed.

Once we find the source of entrance and exits these access point are partially sealed off with an “Exclusion Tube.” This exclusion tube prevents the bats from re-entering the structure but they can leave through the tube. Finally, once we know all bats have left the structure all access points are repaired and closed off.

So, if you see signs of bats you need to call the bat exclusion removal experts Animal Removal Services Of Virginia. We’ll fully access your situation and get those bats out of your life.

The declines in bat populations have shown us the ecological importance of bats. Furthermore, we encourage bat conservation while protecting human health and permanently solving nuisance bat problems.

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What You Need To Know About Bats In Virginia


Bats And Virginia Law

In Virginia the states you cannot transport, release, or relocate a bat anywhere other than the property it was caught on. Furthemore, you cannot poison bats.


The 3 Species Of Bats In Virginia That Are Federally Endangered

The three federally endangered species of bat in Virginia are Gray, Indiana, and Virginia Big-Eared. We always identify the bat before we exclude or trap! Furthermore, being endangered means these bats are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Also, this act prohibits anyone from attempting to “harass , harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, TRAP, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct” any endangered or threatened species.

 Animal Removal Services of Virginia are bat removal exclusion experts so call us when you have a Virginia bat problem.

Please don’t touch a bat with your bare hands. They are wild animals and should be treated with care. Don’t feed, treat, or wash an injured bat. Also don’t attempt to rehabilitate a bat on your own. This is to protect you as well as the bat.  Animal Removal Services of Virginia are bat removal exclusion experts so call us when you have a Virginia bat problem.

The Bats Of Virginia

Most Virginians don’t know there are many species of bats in Virginia. These include the Gray Bat, Indiana Bat, and Virginia-Big-eared Bat, all federally endangered. Another, the Rafinesque’s Big-eared Bat, is state endangered. Also, there are 12 are non-game protected species in Virginia. The Big Brown Bat, Evening Bat, and Little Brown Bat are the three bat species in Virginia that are most likely to take residence in your home or building.

Thanks To Wiki-Commons For These Fantastic Bat Photos

Virginia Big Eared Bat

Tri-Colored Bat

South Eastern Myotis Bat

Silver Haired Bat

Seminole Bat

Rafinesque’s Big Eared Bat

Northern Yellow Bat

Northern Long Eared Bat

Mexican Free Tailed Bat

Little Brown Bat

Indiana Bat

Hoary Bat

Gray Bat

Evening Bat

Eastern Small Footed Bat

Eastern Red Bat

Big Brown Bat

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