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Do you need our Virginia Deer Control Management services? Are deer damaging your gardens, crops, plants and trees? We are the Virginia Deer Control Management Experts!

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia – Deer Control Management Experts

Deer Control Management demands a company with experience given the increasing Whitetail Deer problem in Urban and Suburban areas of Virginia. But, Animal Removal Services of Virginia provides comprehensive deer control management solutions of whitetail deer problems for individuals, companies, and municipalities throughout Virginia. Also, we provide consultations on fencing, repellant options, and herd culling options to manage problem whitetail deer.

The Virginia whitetail deer cause millions of dollars in damage to crops, trees, and gardens. Furthermore, they are a safety risk on our highways.

Are whitetail deer overrunning your property on a regular basis? You may need Animal Removal Services Of Virginia’s whitetail deer control management which will maintain your deer populations at a reasonable level. Furthermore, we will balance the your hunting and viewing needs with agricultural damage and ecosystem problems they create on your property.

You need Animal Removal Services of Virginia deer management control  expert advice.

Are the Virginia whitetail deer eating your favorite bushes, plants and produce? If so you need Animal Removal Services of Virginia deer management control expert advice. So, call us today at (804) 729-9097 .

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia manage deer populations, deer habitat, deer-related recreation, and deer damage. Furthermore we use deer management control strategies that are innovative, flexible, proactive, scientific, humane and ecologically responsible. Call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia at (804) 729-9097. Also,  we’ll take care of your whitetail deer problems guaranteed!

White-tailed deer belong to the state of Virginia. Furthermore, It’s illegal to have one as a pet. Also, If you find a fawn then please leave it where you found it. In addition, mother deer leave their hidden fawns alone for long periods as they feed. Also, if you interfere you greatly reduce the fawns chance of survival.

If you are homeowner or food producer we can reduce your Virginia whitetail deer damage using a number of techniques. But you need to do your part. Most important, Don’t Feed The Deer! Remember large number of deer around human food sources leads to increased risks of disease between deer, property destruction, fighting among deer, and the increase potential for deer-human issues. Call us today at (804) 729-9097. Let us help you with our Virginia deer management control skills. You’ll be glad you did!

Contact Animal Removal Services Of Virginia deer management control office if you need help with an injured fawn.

If you find a fawn on your property please leave it where you found it. More than likely the mother will be back. A truly injured wild animal can be taken to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, or you can call us at (804) 729-9097.

Damage and Damage Identification

Deer damage a wide variety of row crops, forage crops, vegetables, fruit trees, nursery stock, and ornamentals, as well as stacked hay. In addition to the immediate loss of the crop being damaged, there is often residual damage in the form of future yield reduction of fruit trees or forage crops such as alfalfa. Ornamental trees or nursery stock may be permanently disfigured by deer browsing. Under high densities deer may severely impact native plant communities and impair regeneration of some forest tree species. Besides vegetative damage, deer/vehicle collisions pose a serious risk to motorists, and deer have been implicated in the distribution and transmission of Lyme disease.

Damage identification is not difficult. Because both mule deer and whitetail deer also lack upper incisors, deer often leave a jagged or torn surface on twigs or stems that they browse. But, rabbits and rodents, however, leave a clean-cut surface. In addition, deer tracks are very distinctive. Also, the height of damage from the ground (up to 6 feet [1.8 m]) often rules out any mammal other than deer. Finally, deer often are observed “in the act” of causing damage.(Source: Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage, 1994)

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Deer Management Control – Insights From Your Friends At  Animal Removal Services of Virginia


The History Of The White Tailed Deer

The North American Indians used the white-tailed deer for meat, hides, and the sinew for making cordage. White tailed deer were plentiful and also throughout the area when the first settlers arrived in Virginia in the early 1600s.  Initially the white-tailed deer was called the “Virginia deer.” However, in the beginning of 1900, over-hunting of the “virginia” deer for food and hides almost wiped out the species. Fortunately from the 1930s, the Virginia deer population has comeback in large numbers because of  protective deer laws. Also, restocking of deer into areas where they were absent, and habitat restoration, greatly helped the population increase. Lastly, due to the major increase in deer numbers controlling and stabilizing populations throughout Virginia has taken precedence.

It has been suggested that the Virginia deer population of around 1 million deer has doubled since the time Jamestown was settled.  Furthermore, white-tailed deer reproduce quickly and adapt well in most human areas.

Call us at (804) 729-9103 so we can be your Virginia  deer management control company of choice!

Bucks don’t have horns, they have antlers. Horns are permanent and are on cattle, sheep, etc. Antlers, fast growing animal tissues, are bones that fall off each year but then regrow every year! Call us at (804) 729-9097 so we can be you deer management control company of choice!


Culling Deer On Your Property

Shooting(culling) deer is approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as a humane form of euthanasia. But, shooting deer for managing deer populations requires a Kill Permit in Virginia during closed season. Also, culling Virginia deer requires trained personnel like those found at Animal Removal Services of Virginia.  We use a variety of techniques so we can maximize safety, discretion and efficiency. We implement our methods in suburban and urban settings with access to both public and private lands. Typically all meat harvested can be kept by the owner.

If you are experiencing deer damage to your commercial crops or residential plants and would like to have a Kill Permit issued, we can contact Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Dispatch and get that permit.

Of course, if you would like to discuss non-lethal options for damage control, our Animal Removal Services of Virginia deer control management will also explain the options.

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