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Flying Squirrel Removal And Trapping – Get Rid Of Squirrels In The Attic

Do you need local flying squirrel removal and trapping services in your Henrico or Richmond Virginia home? Are flying squirrels living in your attic and causing damage? Are you seeing stains coming through your ceilings below your attic?  We are your local nuisance flying squirrel removal and trapping experts serving Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond and Charlottesville!

Having problems with Gray Squirrels? We can get rid of gray squirrels too with our state-of-the-art squirrel removal service.

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia – Humane Flying Squirrel Removal And Trapping Experts


Virginia flying squirrel removal and trapping will be necessary when they become pests. And, flying squirrels are pests when they they take up residence in your attic. Once in, you need to know they have found an opening someplace on your home or buildings. Furthermore that opening enables more and more flying squirrels into your home. While in your attic flying squirrels will cause odors and damage with their urine. Also, flying squirrels will chew on wires leading to potential electricity outages and fires. And then there are the crazy night antics of squirrels while they are attic your attic. Forget about a good night of sleep if you have flying squirrels playing their nighttime games.

Photo of flying Squirrels. Animal Removal Services Of Virginia - Humane Flying Squirrel Removal And Trapping Experts.

The Carolina northern flying squirrel(C.N.F.S.) and the Virginia northern flying squirrel(V.N.F.S) ;were federally Protected. Also, the Southern Flying Squirrel, S.F.S, could be on your Virginia property as well. The easiest way to determine what flying squirrel you have – call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia Flying Squirrel Removal And Trapping Experts at (804) 729-9097.

If a flying squirrel infestation is suspected, it’s important to contact us so we can inspect your home, identify the issues, implement Flying Squirrel Removal And exclusion techniques and trap out any resident flying squirrels.

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia’s flying squirrel removal and trapping specialist will seal all holes larger than 6 mm with hardware cloth, metal flashing or other appropriate material.  We can quickly reduce the population and remove the flying squirrels from within your attic or buildings by using a number of techniques. Our professionals always recommend the proper course of flying squirrel removal treatment based on the inspection. So, if you think you have a flying squirrel problem CALL US NOW for your flying squirrel removal needs at  (804) 729-9097.


In the winter, 20 or more southern flying squirrels may even den together in your Virginia attic. Call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia's flying squirrel removal for help.

A baby flying squirrel is very cute but when you have numerous babies in your attic that’s another story. Virginia Flying Squirrels will use your attic for nest building. In the winter, 20 or more southern flying squirrels may even den together in your attic.


Virginia Flying Squirrels Trapped In Your Chimney?

Sometimes a Virginia flying squirrel may get trapped in your chimney. But please don’t try to remove the flying squirrel through the fireplace area because it can escape into the room. Once in your home they can easily evade you and hide in areas you would never suspect. You can get on your roof, which could be dangerous for you, and lower a heavy rope down the chimney. Once you back off the flying squirrel will usually climb up the rope and escape. Also, make sure you drop the other end of the rope to the ground so you don’t have have to climb the roof once again to get the rope. Of course you can CALL US NOW at  (804) 729-9097 and we’ll take care of the Virginia flying squirrel removal problem in your chimney.


Animal Removal Services Of Virginia's flying squirrel removal may have to employ habitat modification in your area.

Are there trees close to your home? If so flying squirrels can glide some distance from a tree to your home. This may be one of many reasons flying squirrels invade your attic or buildings. Habitat Modification may be necessary for your flying squirrel removal issues.


Animal Removal Services Of Virginia Says “Flying Squirrels Don’t Fly.”

As an aside, flying squirrels don’t actually fly. Instead they glide through the air as they jump from tree to tree. They have two large flaps of skin on their sides which they extend when they stretch their feet out. These flaps of skin enable flying squirrels to glide from a tree to your home if trees surround your home. You may need Animal Removal Services Of Virginia’s habitat modification services which reduce the tree branches around your home. This would be one of the many ways to reduce flying squirrels access to your home.

The trapping of squirrels Will temporarily solve a persistent problem. This will not help in the long run, if you don’t repair the entrances. other squirrels will soon replace the removed animals. if your having a continual Flying Squirrel problem call us NOW at (804) 729-9097

Often Animal Removal Services Of Virginia may not trap the flying squirrels in your attic. We often use One Way Door Flying Squirrel Excluders which removes flying squirrels without actually having to trap them. Our One Way Door Excluders easily attach to the exterior of your home where the flyers enter and exit. The flying squirrel can exit your attic through the Excluder but it cannot return due to the construction of the Excluder. Furthermore, for this to be effective we close off and repair all other openings in your home or building that enables a flying squirrel to enter or exit. This technique is highly effective for dealing with your flying squirrel removal issues.

Flying squirrels have big eyes so they can see better at night.

Flying squirrels have big round eyes. They evolved big eyes to collect more light for better night vision given they are many nocturnal creatures. Watch out for these critters who are especially active during the night.

Health Concerns Due To Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels have been known to cause quite a lot of damage to insulation. Also, if a group of flying squirrels are in your attic too long you might be looking at hundreds of dollars in repair work needing to be done. At that point, you will want Animal Removal Services Of Virginia’s insulation removal experts clear out the soiled insulation and then replace it.

The droppings that flying squirrels leave behind in your attic can pose a health risk for you and your family by spreading salmonella, normally called food poisoning.  As you probably know, salmonella causes vomiting and diarrhea that can lead to serious complications. In addition, squirrel feces can also carry leptospirosis which manifests as mild flu-like symptoms such as head and body aches, fever, and chills. Furthermore, any severe symptoms of leptospirosis should also require medical treatment.

Flying squirrels also carry parasites like fleas and ticks when they enter your home. Also, these pests will easily transfer from the flying squirrel to your home. In addition, Fleas can quickly spread throughout your home. The last thing you want fleas and ticks hopping around carpets waiting for a biting opportunity. And, fleas come with other health risks such as cat scratch fever, typhus, or even the plague. In addition, ticks are carriers of Lyme disease which has become a huge problem all over the United States in recent years.


Flying Squirrels Can Carry Ticks. In Addition, Ticks Are Carriers Of Lyme Disease Which Has Become A Huge Problem All Over The United States In Recent Years. So Contact Animal Removal Services Of Virginia’s Flying Squirrel Removal Experts At (804) 729-9097 To Prevent Tick Issues From Flying Squirrels.

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Flying Squirrel Facts – Brought To You By Your Friends At Animal Removal Services of Virginia


Did You Know?

There are about 50 different species of flying squirrel that can be found all around the world. Best known are the North American and South American species of flying squirrel. They live throughout the US and Canada. They can be found in deciduous, coniferous or mixed type of forest. Flying squirrels are not an endangered speices.

  • Flying squirrel reach around 12 inches in length, including tail, and weigh 4 to 7 ounces.
  • Also, flying squirrels can make 180 degree turns during gliding. They have been know to glide up to 300 feet. But, flying squirrels usually glide between 20 and 30 feet.
  • In addition, flying squirrels eat both meat and vegetation. They will eat slugs, snails, mice, eggs, small birds, mushroom, berries, seed, nuts, tree bark and  flowers.
  • Furthermore, flying squirrels don’t hibernate, but they slow down during the winter months. They survive during this time by eating food collected during the year
  • Finally, flying squirrel live between 4 and 5 years but up to 15 years in the captivity.
Animal Removal Services of Virginia offers flying squirrel removal throughout Virginia

Flying squirrels usually glide 20 to 30 feet. They will access your Virginia home and attic by gliding from nearby trees. Once in your attic flying squirrels will make a terrible mess of your insulation!


Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Squirrels


  • How can I reduce flying squirrels in my yard?
    Be careful of bird feeders. They attract flying squirrels to your property. Over time flying squirrels will find the food and before long they will want to move inside your structure.
  • We saw flying squirrels at night glide from one of our trees to our roof. What can we do to prevent this?
    Be sure to cut away all branches from trees hanging over your home. Any tree, bush or shrub next to your home allows squirrels to your home. We suggest cutting these back. Flying Squirrels will use all these things as a way into your home and  attic.
  • I heard gutter guards help me keep squirrels out?
    Yes they sure will. Install gutter guards and either cover all down spouts with screening or connect them to corrugated pipe which is buried.
  • I think I may have flying squirrels in my attic. How will I know for sure??
    Once inside your attic or walls, flying squirrels will make a lot of noise at night. Running and squeaking sounds are a sure sign. Try to inspect these areas via the attic. Flying squirrels will avoid you if they can. Usually they will burrow into insulation if they hear you coming. Look for droppings. Your best bet is to call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia, THE Humane Flying Squirrel Removal Experts at (804) 729-9097.

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