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When you want expertise in beaver removal and trapping you’ve come to the right place. We are ready to get rid of those eager beavers!

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia – The Beaver Removal & Trapping Experts

Animal Removal Services of Virginia specializes in nuisance beaver removal and beaver management. We use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques for safe and humane beaver removal. Animal Removal Services of Virginia has experience dealing with nuisance beavers in rural, suburban, and urban environments. In addition, we understand the unique circumstances that each type of beaver environment poses.

Animal Removal Services of Virginia beaver removal services can help if beavers are taking down your trees

Beavers can cause damage to trees that you find valuable and want to keep on your property. Give Animal Removal Services of Virginia a call so we can help you with this problem situation.

Also, Animal Removal Services of Virginia provides nuisance beaver removal and management services for more than individuals. We service businesses, property managers, homeowners associations, timber companies, and municipalities. Call us today and let us help you.

Animal Removal Services of Virginia provides nuisance beaver removal services throughout Virginia including Albemarle, Goochland, Fluvanna, Powhatan, Louisa, Henrico, and Hanover Counties as well as the Cities of Charlottesville and Richmond.

Virginia Beaver Problems Animal Removal Services Of Virginia Face

Beavers are very valuable to the environment but they also cause damage on Virginia property through their dam building and tree cutting activities.  Furthermore, they can impede or affect the structural integrity of roads, railroad trestles, and man-made waterways. In addition, beavers are hosts to several ectoparasites and internal parasites including, nematodes, trematodes, and coccidians. Also, beavers bring giardia lamblia, a pathogenic intestinal parasite, that causes human giardiasis.

Let Animal Removal Services of Virginia's beaver removal services assist you with your beaver difficulties.

Undermining beaver dams discourage beavers from staying around. Also, putting fences or beaver baffles allow removal of partially constructed dams. In addition, lowering the water level and keeping it low can cause a beaver to move elsewhere. Also, beaver pipes installed through a dam allows for the flow of more water beyond the dam.

The habitat modification by beavers, caused primarily by dam building, is often beneficial to fish, furbearers, reptiles, amphibians, waterfowl, and shorebirds. However, when this modification comes in conflict with human objectives, the impact of damage may far outweigh the benefits.

Most of the damage caused by beavers is a result of dam building, bank burrowing, tree cutting, or flooding. We’ve seen homes and cropland  threatened by beaver dam flooding. Road ditches, drain pipes, and culverts have been stopped up so badly that they had to be dynamited out and replaced. In addition, beavers threaten human health by contaminating water supplies with Giardia. During these situations, Animal Removal Services of Virginia’s beaver removal service provide the solutions you need.

Identifying beaver damage and the need for beaver removal demands the expertise of Animal Removal Services Of Virginia. The signs we look for include dams; dammed-up culverts, bridges, or drain pipes resulting in flooded lands, timber, roads, and crops; cut-down or girdled trees and crops; lodges and burrows in ponds, reservoir levees, and dams.


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Beavers – Virginia’s Largest Rodent


Beavers And Virginia Law

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has lenient policies when it comes to killing beavers. But, we prefer beaver removal by trapping or fix your beaver problem so they can live harmoniously with you.

Beavers eat a variety of trees and shrubs. Call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia's Beaver Removal & Trapping Services.

Beavers eat a variety of trees and shrubs, but prefer aspen, cottonwood, sweetgum, willow, black cherry, blackgum, tulip poplar, and pine. They will abandon an area when most of the edible foods have been exhausted.


The Positive Effects Of Beavers

Beavers produce fertile environments across Virginia. Furthermore, when beavers and their families work together to produce dams they do more than protect themselves from their enemies. Beaver dams provide water for the land and lessen the effects of droughts. While in water, beavers also dig into the mud below the water surface which slows water evaporation. In addition, as new beaver ponds are created they can break down toxins.

Let Animal Removal Services Of Virginia – The Beaver Removal & Trapping Experts help remove beavers from your property.

One beaver can be a problem on your property. But when you have a family of beavers you can run into real problems.


A Few Interesting Beaver Facts

  • Beavers are monogamous and mate for life.
  • Also, beavers live for 10-15 years in the wild, but can live 20 years in captivity.
  • Furthermore, beavers live in family groups: parents, yearlings, and kits. Once a beaver is two-years-old, it leaves the family lodge.
  • In addition, beavers mostly sleep during the day and are active at night.
  • Generally, beavers eat a few types of trees, which include aspen, poplar, birch, maple, willow, and alder.

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