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Do you need Virginia nuisance groundhog trapping removal services? Woodchucks tearing up your lawn? Want to stop groundhogs from eating up your garden! Call THE Virginia nuisance groundhog trapping removal Experts!

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia – Humane Groundhog Trapping Removal Experts

Animal Removal Services of Virginia offers groundhog trapping removal services throughout Virginia! Yes, we’re here to take care of that cute critter you saw in the movie Groundhog Day. Sadly, there’s nothing cute about these critters. A groundhog, also known as a woodchuck, land beaver, or whistle pig,  is a very big rodent. Furthermore, this rodent will eat everything in your garden down to the roots. Also, groundhogs will make holes like land mines all over your yard.

Basic fencing does work to keep groundhogs out of your garden areas. You’ll need specialized fencing structures that Animal Removal Services of Virginia will construct for you that will keep your Virginia garden groundhog free.

Groundhogs eat great amounts of vegetation all day long. And your home’s garden will be a perfect dining room if not properly protected.  And then there is that extensive burrowing which can undermines the integrity of foundations, decks, driveways, swimming pools, and pond dams and dikes. They often chew on buried cables and wires and also building supports. Animal Removal Services of Virginia has handled several calls where a groundhog had been trapped inside a structure and had caused significant damage. Groundhog trapping removal demands the skill and expertise that Animal Removal Services of Virginia can bring to your nuisance groundhog problems.

Animal Removal Services Of Virginia Groundhog Trapping Removal Experts must trap this groundhog garden pest

This groundhog has been living in a Virginia client’s yard and has no fear. Also, it has been eating its way through their garden. Sorry little fella We can’t have that! Time for Animal Removal Services Of Virginia Groundhog Trapping Removal Experts getting on this job fast!

Hey, did you know that groundhog burrows capture and break legs each year? Also, the structure of a groundhog hole captures legs in a manner causing very bad breaks! Furthermore, groundhogs have bitten humans and pets. Mounds of earth from the excavated burrow systems and holes formed at burrow entrances also present a hazard to farm equipment, horses, and riders.  So, if you spot groundhogs in your area you’ll want our expert Virginia groundhog trapping removal services. Removing a nuisance groundhog from your property does not have to be a sequel to the movie “Caddyshack. ” Call Animal Removal Services of Virginia at  (804) 729-9097.

This groundhog is no match for Animal Removal Services Of Virginia Humane Groundhog Trapping Removal Experts

There’s that toothy critter popping its head out of your lawn! It’s setting you up for future headaches. Get ahead of the game and call Animal Removal Services of Virginia groundhog trapping removal services at (804) 729-9097.

Groundhogs love digging. Most burrows are 25 to 30 feet long and from two to five feet deep. Also, they have at least two entrances. In addition, one ends to be visible while the other can be difficult to find.
Animal Removal Services Of Virginia must euthanize any captured groundhog since by Virginia law we cannot euthanize them.

This nuisance groundhog was caught outside a Virginia garden. It is illegal in the State of Virginia to trap then relocate an animal to another area. Please understand we must humanely euthanize nuisance groundhogs once we trap them on your property.


Yes, you now know that groundhogs feeding and burrowing habits will conflict with your interests. Groundhog damage to your crops such as alfalfa, soybeans, beans, squash, and peas can be costly and extensive for you. Your fruit trees and ornamental shrubs will get damaged by woodchucks as they chew or claw. Groundhogs gnawing on any of your underground power cables can cause electrical outages. And yes, it may be hard to believe, but groundhogs have damaged rubber hoses in vehicles, such as those used for vacuum and fuel lines. Call Animal Removal Services Of Virginia’s groundhog trapping removal services at (804) 729-9097. We’ll take care of your groundhog problems and keep you worry free!


Want a possible way to get rid of groundhogs? Get a dog! Not a chihuahua though! But, a hound may do the trick. Hey, we’re always here if you need a groundhog trapping removal expert Give us a call NOW at (804) 729-9097.

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Virginia Groundhog Insights And More – Thoughts From Your Friends At Animal Removal Services of Virginia


Groundhog Habitat

Groundhogs are only found in North America, from Canada down to the southern United States. Groundhogs like woodland areas that are next to open areas. Also, they construct burrows that can be 6 plus feet  deep, and 20 plus feet wide. Furthermore, these underground homes can have a dozen entrances. Generally, a groundhog has a burrow in woods for the winter and a burrow in grassy areas for warm months. In addition, groundhogs are very neat and clean their nests on a regular basis.

Animal Removal Services of Virginia groundhog in a trap

Springtime is activity time for  groundhogs. Also, the no groundhog birthing has taken place. Animal Removal Services of Virginia prefers trapping groundhogs before the babies are born. In addition, groundhogs are hungry this time of year because their food sources are not available. This means we can easily trap them with food bait. 


Groundhog Offspring

Around February, males come out of hibernation and search for females. When a male groundhog finds a female, he’ll get into her burrow. In the spring, once mating occurs,  a female can birth as many as 6 babies. Also, the gestation period of a groundhog around 32 days.

When Groundhog babies are born they are blind and hairless. But, they quickly mature in around three months. Furthermore, when they mature, they  leave their mother and make their own burrow. The lifespan of a groundhogs is three to six years.

Animal Removal Services of Virginia and groundhog babies

A groundhog baby is called a “pup”, a “kit” or even a “cub.” A newborn groundhog is less than 4 inches long. Groundhog babies are born completely helpless and raised by their mother for around 3 months. Call us at (804) 729-9097 and we’ll solve with your Virginia groundhog trapping removal issues. A special thanks to Animal Facts Encyclopedia for the above photo.


What Does Groundhog Damage Look Like?

Groundhog burrowing can pose a serious threat to your garden, plants, shrubs and trees, and your home. It’s important to identify groundhog damage before you run into costly repairs.

Some signs of groundhog damage include:

  • 1/4-3/4″ wide teeth marks on wood, plantings, and the lower branches of trees
  • Also, mounds of soil outside a burrow entrance
  • In addition, deep holes in the ground or lawn
  • You’ll find damaged or hollowed out crops
  • Often a weakened building foundation (a sign of a burrow running into that area)
  • Also, chewed tubing, wires or irrigation systems
  • And of course, groundhog tracks. Groundhogs have five toes on the front foot, four on the back and deep claw markings.

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